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Here I will suggest some good books to read and other spiritual content.

I have read almost all of Sylvia Brownes books and I find them all fascinating if you ever get a chance to read her books I would recommend them all.
Here are a list of books that I have read and I find them very good as well.
Spirit Guide Contact Through Dr. Bruce Goldberg
The Reconnection Heal Others, Heal Dr. Eric Pearl
Unlock Your Mind and Be Edgar A. Barnett MD
Many Lives, Many Brian L. Weiss, MD
The Life You Were Born To Dan Millman.
Crystals and Crystal Healing:
There are many crystal that you can use to do healing, in the book Spirit Guide Contact Through Hypnosis has a list of crystals and herbs and fragrances that can stimulate the 3rd eye.  I will list just a few just to give you an idea. 
Gardenia:  Stimulates telepath and attracts only spirits.
Rose:  This attracts guides of love and joy and assists the development of psychic abilities in general.
Wisteria: This odor brings in guides who stimulate creativity and acts to initiate and expand healing energy.
Lavender:  This herb stimulates higher levels of psychic vision and facilitates altered states of consciousness.
Rosemary:  This herb is very protective and useful in facilitating spirit contact when used as a bath oil.  Its fragrance works best that way.
Amethyst:  This violet stone has been used to treat anger, hallucinations, fear, hate, and grief.  Its high vibrational rate makes it ideal for producing OBEs and attracting guides.
Crystal Quartz:  The rock crystal also assists in facilitating our ESP powers.
Azurite:  This stone is reported to aid our psychic development.
Aquamarine:  It is supposed that this stone gives clarity to mental visions.  A gem of this clear blue or blue-green color assists our spiritual judgment and clears our minds.
These are to name a few there is many many more of them out there you can go to your local metaphysical shop and see a wide varity of them.

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